Wrestling Fake? Two errors by Tommy Dreamer and Sandman

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Apr. 06, 2010

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In this 40 second clip, you can clearly see the quality of wrestling of the ECW Originals. I'm not dogging them, but they lack the basics. In the clip, watch the first opening seconds. You can clearly see The Sadman botching a basic baseball slide and missing Bobby Lashey by about 1 foot. I'm not quite sure if it's Lashley's error, but still... rather pathetic. A few seconds later, we can CLEARLY hear Tommy Dreamer calling for a double suplex, double suplex. Although this might have been a WWE production error (mic was too loud, etc), Dreamer being the vet that is he, should have known better. Called moves are typically whispered. You be the judge. [EDIT] Since 40000 people seem to be bitching and sending me ridiculous private msges, I am not saying it's fake, it's just a damned title

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