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Posted by jmbdsce on Mar. 04, 2009

The New Testament is supported by more outside documentation than any other ancient writing. Regardless of your beliefs or experience there is a system for living and the example for perfection in the New Testament that is crucial to having an abundant and blessed life. Christians and non-Christians alike can only benefit from looking at what the Bible teaches. Join us as we continue a life changing, life altering and life giving, verse by verse study of the New Testament THIS WEEK WE ARE CONTINUING TO EXAMINE THE GALILEAN MINISTRY OF CHRIST. THIS WEEK WE ARE LOOKING AT PARABLE OF THE DISCIPLES, JESUS HEALING THE LAME AT PASSOVER AND OTHER CONTROVERSY LEADING UP TO THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT. JOIN US WEDNESDAY OR FRIDAY NIGHT AT 7PM (GMT) at WWW.WORLDOUTREACHWEST.COM/GROUPS.ASPX

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