Would Jessica White Look Good in a Short Haircut in Photos?

Posted by scissorboy on Sep. 16, 2009

http://www.scissorboy.com/youtubeJessica white photos are hot today. Do you think Jessica White would look good with a short haircut? For more short haircuts for women, or more ideas on jessica white sports illustrated haircut ideas, SUBSCRIBE to the whole FREE series HERE:http://www.scissorboy.com/youtubeJessica White photos are in the news today. But what do you think Jessica White from Sports Illustrated would look like in a short haircut? The new girlfriend of Sean Penn and Sports Illustrated Supermodel has beautiful long hair, but is it real?Our friend Madrid from Blue Shampoo Salon teaches you an awesome short haircut for women. Its a signature technique he calls Sidekicks. It is a combination bleach coloring and molding cut and incorporates both rolling and zigzag techniques. He retains the clients real hair, sort of like Tyra did on her show last week, and creates a veryunique short haircut.So tell me, do you think Jessica White would look good in a short haircut in her photos, which are ...

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