Posted by Theodore-Barrus-54 on Aug. 24, 2011

Ken Williams who just completed the World Famous Ted Barrus Ghost Pepper Challenge ... He kicked that peppers ass and is now in a lot of pain the poor guy we didnt have any dairy for him and he did it anyways MY FAMOUS GHOST PEPPER CHALLENGE THE TED BARRUS WORLD FAMOUS Ghost pepper Challenge GHOST PEPPER IS 950,000- 1,050,000 scoville units Rules #1 Must chew entire pepper for 30 seconds #2 After entire pepper has been chewed for 30 seconds pepper must be swallowed #3 After pepper has been swallowed no Fluids or food of any type can be ingested for a period of 5 minutes ( IF YOU THINK YOUR TOUGH GO LONGER ) Disqualifications * vomiting before the time limit is up * drinking or eating ANYTHING in the 5 minute time frame * Not eating entire pepper * Not chewing entire pepper for 30 seconds

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