Workstation Dusting

Posted by robertkrastic on Dec. 05, 2011

Now we gonna discuss the process of quickly and effectively and thoroughly dusting your typical office work station. One of the that things we do not allow on any of our thoughts a feather dusters that completely ineffective in removing dust from the premises. All by do when you use one? If you run over the surface and keeps the dust off and allows the dust resettle somewhere else. Kinda defeat the purpose of what we’re doing. The best tool that I’ve ever come across and used is the humble dust attachment. It’s a brush that suits at the end of your vacuum cleaner handle we use it this particular apparatus for dusting. It sucks the dust into the vacuum cleaner and removes it from the work station which is the whole idea of what cleaning is all about. If you’re right handed, obviously you hold the dust attachment in your right hand. You start at the right hand in the work station and you work your way to the left. Done properly, the whole process shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to do. So it goes something

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