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Posted by krumasta on Sep. 01, 2009

Oracle Database XERuby OCI8 AdapterRuby on RailsRuby GemsNo code is perfect. If you want to use Migrations with Oracle, its imperative that you use at least version 1.2.1 (ActiveRecord version 1.15.1). Versions prior to 1.2.1 cant handle :decimal data types and they fumble on options like :precision and :scale effectively precluding you from using any numbers with decimal points, both fixed and floats. Make sure you double-check your schema as Oracle sees it while testing your migrations, and make sure to test them on a development environment prior to running them in production. Rails has tons of built-in facilities to run multiple environments for development, testing, and production so theres really no excuse for not testing prior to deployment. That fact is one of the biggest benefits to using both the Rails framework and Migrations in particular.Also, make sure that you set up a separate schema (user) for your Rails application. Part of a migration run includes doing a schema dump to a file cal

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