Word Origins 9; Cosplay, Costume, Hot Facts Teacher Amy

Word Origins 9; Cosplay, Costume, Hot Teacher AmyJoin your teacher and Amy dressed like a superhero to discuss the origins of costumes and cosplay. What you might not know is even though cosplay is associated with Japan, the idea and practice started in America with people dressing up like their favorite super heroes, comic book characters and science fiction characters in science fictions conventions starting in the early 1900s. Since the practice has expanded to girls wearing sexy costumes for conventions and Halloween. Amy also discusses the difference between Anime and Manga. What is etymology of costume? What is etymology of cosplay? What is the origin of the word costume? What is the origin of the word cosplay? What is the History of costumes?What is the History of cosplay?What is the derivation of costume?What is the derivation of costplay? Interesting Facts about Words videoFacts about Word OriginsWord Facts & Trivia Strange Word FactsFun Facts about WordsBasic facts About ... Distr