Women with Thyroid Problems – 3 Facts You Probably Do NOT Know

Posted by magdalenawszelaki on Jun. 11, 2012

http://thyroiddietcoach.com/mc1 If you watched my video or read my story under the ABOUT MAGDALENA tab on my website, you would know that thyroid drama is not unfamiliar to me; it started with Graves disease and later became Hashimotos disease. Ive been in remission for the past few years feeling better than ever. My name is Magdalena Wszelaki, Im a certified nutrition coach, a thyroid wellness expert and a professional life coach. Today, as a nutrition coach, when I meet people like you who struggle with a variety of thyroid conditions , I realize that many of unaware of some very important facts that are critical in healing the thyroid. Let me tell you about FACT #1 Here is the thing: 90% of thyroid diseases in the Western world are autoimmune diseases. Let me tell you about FACT #2 Do you know where the immune system lives? If you dont its OK -- most people do not know this. OK, this brings us to FACT #3 Are you putting the pieces together yet? So one piece here was : most thyroid condit

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