Woman pushing another woman on the subway in Brasilia

Posted by Dantexfiles on Feb. 24, 2012

A woman pushed one another to the Metro, in Brasilia, Brazil. Luckily, the attack occurred at a time when there was no train to pass. The incident was filmed by video surveillance cameras. The victim was talking on the phone near the yellow line of security and did not notice the approach of the woman who pushed her. Security company curbed the aggressor and rescued the victim, who had only scratches. The Metro, cited by G1, said that the rails are covered by a rubber cap, which prevents a person dies electrocuted. According to the Civil Police, the woman said she pushed the other because it was beaten in the face, but the victim denies. The two have had a discussion about a half hour earlier, at the metro station. The aggressor was arrested red-handed and now receives a charge of murder for having endangered the life of the victim. She is responding by the practice of attempted murder in order to have endangered the life of that person ¿, the delegate said Jeferson Gimenes.

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