Witness In Trayvon Martin Trial Gives Perfect 'Retard' Answe...

Posted by clownygal on Jun. 27, 2013

'Star Witness' to Zimmerman's Defense- 'That's Real Retarded, Sir.' According to CNN, Rachel Jeantel—the friend Trayvon Martin was speaking to on the phone before he was killed—is a star (witness, at least). When asked by George Zimmerman's defense if Trayvon could have been lying about his location, she answered- That's real retarded, sir. That's real retarded to do that, sir. Why on earth—? Trayvon did not know [Zimmerman]. Star witness, indeed. Rachel Jeantel was cross-examined today by the defense team for George Zimmerman, who stands accused of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year. Jeantel, who is the prosecution's star witness, was on the phone with Martin in the moments leading up to his fatal encounter with Zimmerman. In the video above, you can see her answering a question from the defense about the possibility that Martin had not been honest with her about his whereabouts while they were on the phone. Her answer also gave us this wonderful chyron, which graced CNN's broadcast of the trial for a few moments

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