Wiretap: tha Documentary (trailer)

Posted by OptimumFilms on May. 28, 2009

Wire Tap: the Documentary, takes you into a security nightmare. In a highly technological world, the police are always advancing the boundaries of what they can use to penetrate the criminal veil. At their disposal are the tools of a paranoid bureaucracy dedicated to financing its lust for power with the spoils of illegal narcotics and incarceration of the youth. The best laid plans of the Patriot Act have made a giant loophole in wire surveillance, which can call into account everyone in America as a possible part of a narcotics organization.We begin with the story of the wire tap case that changed the face of criminal investigation in America, and yet it came from one of the least likely places, in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Xavier Davis, aka Boozilla or Zaboo, planted the seeds of West Coast Hip Hop, gang life, and easy drug money. It was in this new and ripe environment that he would also lay the foundations of a legal music business that would stretch a nation wide and give hope to many local a

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