Will Jade Helm = Martial Law?

Will Jade Helm = Martial Law? Operation Jade Helm 15 plans to mark several south-western states as Hostile Territory for a training exercise. The exercise is scheduled to take place from July to September 2015. Conspiracy theorists worldwide are concerned that Jade Helm is not a training exercise at all and in fact will be a starting point for the implementation of martial law. Citizens who oppose the regime may be marked as terrorists and may be imprisoned. FEMA camps seem to be preparing to house thousands of people with conditions that look more like concentration camps. Will there be enough room for the imprisoned? Maybe the brick and mortar structures of department stores could act as housing facilities for the incarcerated opposition? At least five Wal-marts in the US and some in countries around the world are closing all over supposed plumbing issues. Hundreds of workers are out of work. The plumbing issues will take approximately 6 months to fix. Oddly enough, an entire Wal-mart store could be built in 6 months. Is the US Government going to use the empty stores as FEMA camps? FEMA camps... a euphemism for more Guantanamo Bays within the continental United States. Places where prolonged detention as Obama put it will be carried out. Prolonged detention is a term used by the current US administration to mean imprisonment based on what a person may do in the future. Yes, being incarcerated without being charged for a crime. The individuals being detained will be held indefinitely, just like the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. This in no way upholds the values of the American Constitution. In fact it is in direct opposition. I thought that terrorists hated Americans for their freedom, but American freedom is a mirage. Is the Wal-mart chain involved in the Jade Helm martial law plan? The US Government and Wal-mart...is there a more fitting couple? Capitalism at its best. The Boston Marathon Bombing proved that the US Government could shut down an entire city with very little opposition if the official story was believable enough. It makes one wonder what the story will be when the US Government attempts to establish martial law in 2015?