Wild Dolphins playing with dog

Posted by emil225 on May. 12, 2011

Watch and learn the interaction of two of the most incredible creatures on the planet. A Dog and Dolphins. This is the true story of a dog who loves dolphins, a little fluffy loving dog who I named Grizzly. One day Grizzly and I found a little baby Sea Lion sick and near death on the rocks. The local animal rehab place said they could not take her and to let her die ( they called it mother nature), so I took the dying Sea Lion home and nursed her back to health Once the Sea Lion got well we released her again into the wild, Grizzly thought for sure that HE must be a sea lion also. He lived his entire life loving Dolphins, Sea Lions, Whales and loving me. This video is a tribute to the friend that God gave to me. Grizzly the dolphin dog. He loved dolphins and dolphins loved him. It is hard to explain. Science will explain away love. Love is never in the ingredient. They say we came from Apes and that the world is just a big accident. But Love is in Gods ingredient. Grizzly recently passed away at the age

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