Wife Rescues Husband From Bear Attack With Shotgun

Posted by esonlisa on May. 17, 2013

Gerre Ninnemann initially saw the bear running after his dog, Maddy, on Wednesday. He then went outside the Silver Cliff cabin to summon the 8-year-old yellow lab inside, but the bear chased and tackled Ninnemann, biting and clawing at his back. I came running out into the yard here, shouting, waving my arms at the bear, thinking that would scare him away, the retired financial planner told the station. But it didnt. All it did was leave the dog and come right for me. Ninnemann briefly escaped and ran to the corner of the cabin, but the bear mauled him again. Ninnemanns wife, Marie, then found a shotgun in the cabins basement, but she didnt know how to load it properly. She instead took the weapon outside the struck the bear on its head, allowing her husband to escape.

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