Why Not To Mess With Kids

Posted by clownygal on Jun. 11, 2013

n 1984, Jody Plauché (then 11) was taking martial art lessons from karate Instructor (and pedophile) Jeffrey Doucet (25), in Louisiana. The boy was kidnapped by Doucet and taken to a California motel, while police searched the country for him and the boy. He was eventually tracked down when he made a collect phone call to his mother, who asked for time and charges and the operator told her the call was originating from Room #38 at the then-named Samoa Motel, 425 W Katella Avenue, ANAHEIM CA 92802--3607 (now called, America's Best Value Inn). Unbeknownst to everyone, Leon Gary Plauché was pretending to use one of those phones when Jeffrey Doucet walked past with his police escorts. As the videotape camera recorded, Leon Gary Plauché leveled a firearm at Doucet's head, firing once and scoring a direct hit, killing him almost instantly, at the airport.

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