Why Communism Can Not Work !

Posted by Human-Dignity-972 on Dec. 29, 2011

Its like 4:05 am so my speech is not all that great sorry. I am someone that has studied many books on communism I believe in a more equal world but Socialism & Communism can not work it just not is possible due positions that must be filled in order to have a society in which all can live and fucntion in a state of dignity.I find that it is possible if we all learn from one another and make life a learning experience instead of a state of imprisonment and involuntary servitude . I find that the only way to create a more equal world is through education .I believe that it is only through education that people can truly be of use to thier leaders and their government .I believe that gender issues and the robbing of a mans masculinity is not just harmful to our society but will be the reason why America is going to fall .I hope that America will stand and I am happy to live in America .I hope that one day man can work and have some pride in himself and that all people can live with dignity.I have an admiration

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