Why CFL's are Bad for You and the Environment

Posted by livinggreen on Oct. 21, 2008

Both Australia and Canada have future bans on incandescent lights in favor of CFL’s. We all know the positive side of CFL’s such as long life (up to 16 times longer than incandescent) and the potential to save between $30-$50 per bulb vs. incandescent on energy alone. While the positives are staggering there one major Drawback to CFL’s that many consumers are unaware of. CFL’s like most fluorescent lamps contain mercury which is a nuero toxin and exposure is hazardous to your health if breakage occurs. Additionally, broken CFL’s are harmful to the environment as the mercury can be released into lakes or oceans and build up in fish which is the most common pathway to human exposure of mercury. CFL’s must be disposed of properly at a toxic waste depot. You can find out more on how and where to dispose of your used CFL’s at www.energystar.gov If a CFL breaks in your house since it does contain on average 5 milligrams of mercury precautions do have to be ...

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