Why Bobby Got Expelled from Campus

A drunk ex-roommate demands his keys after traffic cops told us not to give them to him. He doesn't take No for an answer. The following is Security Camera Footage taken from the frat house. Earlier in the day my already drunk roommate (we'll call him "B") went for a drive and one his way back attracted the attention of a traffic cop for speeding and driving recklessly. He's pulled over right in our driveway and is caught with drugs in his car. After a while of BSing his way out of going to jail, he's let off with a ticket for crossing a solid white line and his keys are taken away by the police. We're told to keep them from him until the morning. Later, "B" begins demanding his keys because he wants to start a fight on campus with someone he knows only through text messages. We continue to give "B" the benefit of the doubt as he pins a friend of the house (who has the keys) to the corner. Suddenly, a friend of the innocent guy getting the boot comes in to our rescue and the fighting really begins. During th