White Wet T-Shirt

Posted by dabest97 on Aug. 09, 2008

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Wet T-Shirt meet Nicole. Nicole meet white wet t-shirt. I think you two are going to be best friends. We all will benefit from this chance meeting. How did this sexy brunettes t-shirt get wet? Was there a storm? Did some teenage saint attack her with a water hose? No one knows but whatever happened it was a message from God that Nicoles gorgeous body need to no longer be hidden beneath her hot wet t-shirt. That her curves were not made for ivory coverings. And that all mankind would benefit from Nicoles sexy wet t-shirt.NIcole makes this wet t-shirt video too easy to love. Usually a sopping wet tee is completely annoying, and eerily reminiscent of water boarding. But some how the idea of wet fabric seems so much more appealing when paired with this lovely lady's curves. If only all wet clothing included a half naked woman what a world that would be.

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