Where Will Your Children Go to Be Safe?

Where will your children go to be safe? With their Shelter facing closure, that is essence the question being asked by Macdonald Youth Services(MYS) in their video entitled "Where Will Your Children Go ... to Be Safe?". The two and one half minute video, released at a news conference today, features interviews with a former Youth Resource Centre/Shelter client and MYSs Executive Director, Dr. Erma Chapman. The video was shot/produced by Derek Eidse, copy created by Pennsylvania-based online volunteer Shawn Kohn and voiced by MYS Michigan-based online volunteer Debbie Grattan. For further information about MYSs Youth Resource Centre and Emergency Shelter, please contact MYSs Executive Director Dr. Erma Chapman at 1(204) 477-1722 or e-mail http://www.mys.ca/cgi-bin/edmail.cgi or visit MYSs Web site at http://www.mys.ca now.