Where is the Moon Dust?

Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin Aldrin stands facing the U.S. flag on the Moon. The rod to hold the flag out horizontally would not extend fully, so the flag ended up with a slight waviness, giving the appearance of being windblown. The flag itself was difficult to erect, it was very hard to penetrate beyond about 6 to 8 inches into the lunar soil with the flagstaff. (Apollo 11, AS11-40-5875) Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin Aldrin photographed his foot leaving an impression on the lunar soil as part of an experiment to study the nature of lunar dust and the effects of pressure on the surface. The dust was found to compact easily under the weight of the astronauts leaving a shallow but clear impression of the boots, characteristic of a very fine, dry material. (Apollo 11, AS11-40-5880) Credit: NASA Transcript - http://www.creationmoments.net/radio/transcript.php?t=1041