Where Is Love?

Posted by Sagpublishing on Nov. 16, 2011

Where is Love? Where is passion?. Celebrity break ups has become a regular occurance in hollywood, this song seeks to put a spot light on the constant hunger for celebrity news, good or bad. Music video about fame and lost love, featuring Kim Kardashian, Chris Humphries, Jessie James, Sandra Bullock, Maria Shriver,Britney Spears,Tiger Woods,Elin Nordegren,jennifer Lopez, Marc Antony to mention a few, deals with how celebrity breakups affects celebrities. From the producer of President Obama hip hop oath, Look At Berlin and People Of Ghana all featuring President Barack Obama. eRappers is a creation by producer Prodigal a.k.a Turbulance using anyone who can read some text. His strong belief is that anyone can be a credible artist. Music commissioned by S.A.G Publishing, all rights reserved.

Categories Pop Culture

Tags rock, metal, britney spears, hip hop, sandra bullock, tiger woods, jennifer aniston, jennifer lopez, kim kardashian, elin nordegren, marc antony, jessie james, maria shriver, chris humphries

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