When to Start Video Marketing- As Soon As I Take the Cat Out!

Posted by JohnZajaros on Nov. 11, 2009

http://TheQuestRevealed.com Every day people ask me when they should begin video marketing. I was on my walk with TuffGuy tonight and it hit me! The perfect time to begin video marketing is...as soon as I take the cat out! No, the perfect time to start video marketing is...when my pet hamster begins to talk! I know it will be soon, I just bought an ebook from the same guy who made parrot talking ebooks famous! As the people I mentor when I think you should begin video marketing! Yesterday! Thats right, ASAP or sooner! The video will explain! John Zajaros 216-712-6526 Skype- johnzajaros1 JohnZ@TheQuestRevealed.com

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