WHEN IM 94 -Loose Bruce Kerr parody of the Beatles When Im 64

Posted by LooseBruce on Jul. 18, 2009

WHEN IM 94 is Loose Bruce Kerrs new parody. The Beatles When Im 64 is updated to be the concern of Baby Boomers...who will take care of us after we are no longer able to care for ourselves? Can we expect that our kids will take care of us? Should we? Did our parents have to impose on us? The generation that worshiped youth, that worried that biological clocks might run out before starting a family, now has to face the possibility of that biological clock slowly running down with our not having saved enough from a liftetime of work to be able to support the autumn of our years. College funds for our children were the challenge, forget about putting that into the retirement fund. Does that mean we get to rely on our kids if we get stuck in our final years? Whatre the rules? Hasnt this always been the unwritten burden of the children of the aged? But living to 94 or a hundred is quite different than living to 55 or 60, as in the old days...hence, When Im 94. Enjoy! Loose Bruce & Dr. Demento...

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