When does Mud change to Rock?

Posted by Scripture on Aug. 24, 2009

We have always been told that it takes millions of years for muddy deposits to turn into rock. Those who believe in creation have always disagreed. It seems pretty clear to us that much of the sedimentary rock we see today was deposited during the Great Flood at the time of Noah, which was not millions of years ago. Creationists generally place the Flood at about 4,600 years ago. Until recently, evolutionist dismissed this date as impossible: sedimentary rocks simply could not form that fast. Well, now it seems that they spoke too soon. Set in stone MEDUSA, the snake-haired monster of Greek myth whose looks turned people to stone, is alive and well in the form of bacteria that turn mud to rock in a geological twinkling of an eye. In doing so, these medusa bacteria may rapidly fossilise the remains of mud-dwelling animals. The formation of sedimentary rocks is usually an excrutiatingly slow process, taking millions of years. But the two bacteria, discovered by a research team led by Max Coleman, a sedimentolog

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