Whats The Worst Party Foul?

Posted by indianamike on Apr. 05, 2012

Tell us in the comments section!!! Sometimes, just when everything is going great, everyones happy, having their cake and eating it too... something goes (hilariously) wrong. Watch these people get smacked, whacked, violated all in the name of partying! Give us your opinion and enter to win an iPad2- http-//brk.to/breakmediapanelyt Send in your videos to get $ and be featured- http-//brk.to/submit For the funniest videos breaking online, visit Break.com -http-//brk.to/tobreak More Break approved videos- Break Originals - http-//brk.to/tobreakoriginals MadeMan.com - http-//brk.to/tomademanvideos GameFront - http-//brk.to/toGameFront Break gets social- Facebook - http-//brk.to/tobreakfacebook Twitter - http-//brk.to/tobreakcomtwitter

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