What you get is what you see Tina Turner song New Singer songwri

Posted by LindaRobertsMusic on Sep. 07, 2010

Singer songwriter Linda Roberts New Talent Singing What you get is what you see Tina Turner song. Tina Turner is my idol. Im a Female Artist, Musician, Vegas Stage act. My all Original songsare coming soon! This is my New Youtube channel where I will feature my cover song videos. These are songs I sang on the road with my band and shows in Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and every hotel in between!! I will be showcasing my new original songs here as well, so become y fan if youre not already and watch for my exciting video updates!! You may be the first to hear my hit songs before the reast of the world!! Subscribe to my Youtube channel and youll be notified when I add a new song or video!! Isnt Justin Bieber cute!!

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