What you doin(lyrics)Music Video.

Posted by Jdieselshow on May. 06, 2009

yricsWhat you doin for fun Music video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What you Doin?(Lyrics)Intro-what all yall out there doingUm let me see!jdieselIm gonna tell you what im doing!(Chours)What you doin? (Aight)x 7(Verse 1)Im working at seven-11Im like santa caluse with the presntsGuess what nerd-diesel Im in heven tooanybody mess with me they eye be blueI spit so trueI stit so realI spit hicpuie I always killThey looked at my raps and said I got a deal!Im like them drug feens I pop them pills!Dont hate because i got a datewhile yall hating im puting the food on the dinner platewhile yall ask me what im doingwhile im finising up the beatask me once or twicewhile im killing you with that heat!(Chours)What you doin? (Aight)x7IM killingstabing,grabingIm coming up on this youtube thinglike im in a math room classwhile im blastingYou gushing and gashingIm moving fasterrolling like casterNobody hast totell me what they doingbut i want to knowso comment

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