What's In My Pudding?

Posted by Gabriel-Montoya-913 on Jun. 19, 2013

Roark decides to take matters into his own hands when Gabriel doesn't want to complain about his food to the waiter. He doesn't want spit to come back with his additions. Except one thing, the dish came with something it wasn't suppose to. Roark McCreery - Himself Gabriel A. Montoya - Himself Bobby Bishop - Waiter Directed By - Bobby Bishop Camera Operator - Nick Kim and Bobby Bishop Written By - Gabriel A. Montoya and Bobby Bishop Concept By - Gabriel A. Montoya Edited By - Gabriel A. Montoya Special thanks to Nikki Phillips for the inspiration Like and Subscribe!! Like us on Facebook- www.facebook.com/fatcavestudios (we use this the most) Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @Fatcavestudios Follow us on Tumblr- fatcavestudios.tumblr.com

Categories Pop Culture

Tags spit, restaurant, sketch, baman, cave, bane, sean connery, amanda bynes

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