What is really hidden on Planet Mars ? (part1)

Posted by saisrinivas on Jan. 19, 2010

Compilation of different carefully enhanced areas of planet mars, taken from official released images from Nasa and Esa and showing some obvious anomalies inside, strange colours and water. The quality of the released images look very poor, remember what is possible with the latest resolutions visible on google earth. (example-Las Vegas) Is there really a earth-mars connection ? Look out, there is lot of information about this thread. Lots of released images seem to be manipulated and obscured to hide something very interesting. Watch the video of the Nasa press conference with Tom van Flandern about intelligent structures on the surface on mars or the projectredstar documentary on google.video One of the greatest research project is J.P Skippers marsanomalyresearch.com and the palermoproject. Next years will show, if Percival Lowell was right about the intelligent engineered mars-canal system. I decided to do not point out anomalies on this little video. At what time one can say that formations on the surfac

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