What is MultiTrack.com?

Posted by multitracks on Feb. 13, 2012

Its not at all uncommon to see a laptop on stage with most professional live tours these days--theyre most likely running live tracks of one or more parts from their studio record-live- from the stage. If you are in a small church with only one musician for now, MultiTracks can be the band that you direct. If youre looking to have the live flexibility to go to different parts of the song whenever you want, you can do that. If youve got a band but you dont have every musician you need there every Sunday, just pipe in the parts you need and youre ready to go. Many larger churches have benefited from using loops or tracks to fill out their live sound and our desire is to make this available and easy to use--no matter what size your church. We realize that small to mid-size churches have similar needs with fewer volunteers and resources. As weve been using these tracks in our own local churches, weve seen the difference they make in the overall sound. Now theres a growing library of MultiTracks,

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