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Posted by tommy163 on Jun. 24, 2009

AirGate is a unique Telme Wi-Fi and VoIP device. It is the basic element of the Telme network built up by Telme users. AirGate allows you to create two wireless networks one personal and encrypted and one public. Sharing your public network with Telme users provides access to theirs in return. Your private network is always prioritized so the quality of your Internet connection is not affected by sharing. AirGate does not substitute your Internet provider; you need a broadband connection to start using it. AirGate is automatically configured to be used with Telme telephonic account. You can use it to operate calls to other AirGates for free or to any phone in the world at a low rate. Once AirGate is set up, you become visible on the Telme map and it becomes part of the Telme infrastructure. People connecting to your AirGate are directed to your personal page. AirGate is a 802.11g WiFi device that complies with the FCC regulations and safe to use at home or office. AirGateMax is an outdoor device which h

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