What Happens When Blood Oxygen Levels Are Too Low

http://www.eng3corp.com - Activated Air is a proven technology used by professional and individuals who want to enhance performance, promote healthy aging or restore health. Eng3’s approach is to trigger the body’s natural response to oxidative stress and improve cellular activities like cell metabolism and the uptake of oxygen. Your body’s cells through the course of your life go through disease, aging and stress.So, what happens when blood oxygen levels are too low? The conversion of O2 gets weaker and weaker as we age deviating you from your optimum level...organs and cells do not get the optimum amount of energy and our metabolic system slows down. As an adult there is an aggressive increase in free radicals and the aging process is accelerated.Improved cellular activity leads to better cell metabolism including cell energy production. It; enables peak mental and physical, performance, supports the immune system and prevents diseases and promotes healthy aging.Activated Air helps to increase ... Di