What Does It Taste Like? Ep.4 (Spices! Spices! Spices!)

Posted by iDrizzay on Feb. 27, 2010

Fourth Episode of What Does It Taste Like? Stefan the crazy Serbian decides to find out what a BUNCH of spices with fruit tastes like Ingredients- - Cayenne Pepper - Redish Brown Shit - Ground Cinnamon - Ground Paprika - Garlic Salt - Orangish Brown Shit - Pepper - Salt - Celery Salt - Seasoning Salt - Black Pepper - Chicken Seasoning - Basil Leaves - Oregano Leaves - Kraft Dinner Cheese - Chilley Powder - Taco Powder - Cajun Seasoning - Spanish Paprika - Granulated Garlic - Parsly Flakes - Italian Seasoning - Lemon - Apple - Pickle - Kiwi - Sour Cream Post a comment of stuff you think Stefan should eat and we will make it happen! 1 Episode every Thursday and Saturday so make sure to subscribe for more to come! Twitter- http-//tinyurl.com/ydszsmc STATcomedy puts out 3 videos a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, subscribe for more!

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