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Posted by thecollectivevideos on Jul. 14, 2010

The Vampire Society, both on line and off has long evaded the limelight, but the more recent trend, thanks to the new onslaught of media from Movies and TV has gained a renewed interest, and has brought to our Society droves of young minds, of people who are awakening, though admittedly more are just curious.House of The Dreaming in conjunction with Vampyre Lounge have developed The Collective where rather than tell you a single view point about what vampires are, it seeks those out there who would speak from various points of view in short audio-visual interview style presentations.The Collective will be hosted by the Matriarch of House of the Dreaming, Madame X (and other members of the Dreaming), featuring a series of interviews with various Modern Day Vampires, Community Leaders, influential individuals and associates, which may even include Life-stylers and Performers alike. House of the Dreaming and Vampyre Lounge are non-partisan in our approach and hope to provide as many perspectives as possible

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