Weightloss! Dancin'! Bears! Cars! #166 Watch our ...

Posted by Frederator on Feb. 10, 2009

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?Slim Chance  Submitted by Aniket Natekar Sketchy Friends Dance Submitted by The Boogley Nature Submitted by Steve Kovalesky FredMobile Submitted by Art Grootfontein??Today is a mish-mash of awesomeness!  It all starts with a man in love and his quest to get all gorgeous for the woman at the restaurant.  That is followed up by Sketchy Friends dancin' to a song of their own making.  Nature gets all creative and it all gets wrapped up with a look at Grootfontein's timelapse drawring of the FredBot's car.speaking of the FredBot:  He's feeling a little grumpy.  Ok, a whole lot grumpy.  Editron-4000, the editor of the show asks everyone to call him up and leave him cheery messages to bring him out of this funk!  888-414-8148!  Hurry!  The Robot is starting to give the laser-eye to everyone in the office...which means a whole heaping pile of 'splosions! And don't forget our 2-second St Patty's Day Animation Contest!  Submit your 2 second cartoons of Anything Saint Patty's Day ...

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