Weapons of War Techno Music Video For Digital Adrenaline. Create

Posted by US2K on Jan. 19, 2011

This is a Music Video to Promote Digital Adrenaline s Music Mix Weapons Apocalyse. I used Daz Bryce 3d, Paint Shop Pro , Microsoft Movie Maker and Blaze media Pro. It includes a 2d animation of a soldier creepign up on a bunker and throwing a grenade. Later there are 3d animations of tanks, helicopters, planes and a warship. Also throughout periodically there is a view from outer space including satelites and a world population count-down. The end message I hope the viewers will get.

Categories Pop Culture

Tags movie, animation, world, helicopter, 3d, tank, maker, aircraft, land, battle, sea, ship, aeroplane, satelite, bryce, polulation

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