We Were the Meth Minute - The Meth Minute 39

It all comes to a climactic finale here at episode 39 of The Meth Minute. You are likely to shed a single tear as all the characters sing a heartfelt ballad about this animated series that burned bright and fast like a shooting star. Thanks for watching, Internet, we hoped that your ROFL'd. Directed by Dan Meth. This might be the end of Meth Minute 39, but it’s certainly not the end for creator Dan Meth. Stay glued to Channel Frederator for the Premiere of NITE FITE!!! It’ll CURL yr HAIR!!! Coming July 2008!!! (Also: Be on the LOOKOUT for Meth Minute Classics!!! Whoops, did I let that slip out?!?) Thanks for watching everyone. "We Were The Meth Minute" Starring: Dan Meth Scott Kaufman Scott Zillitto Matt Dorfman Lindsey Chen Benjamin Marra Mark Vitelli Justin Johnson Alan Kaufman Devin Clark Angie Polk Tom Forget Additional Art: Josh Weisbrod Daisy Edwards Lyrics by: Dan Meth Music Scott Zillitto "We Were The Meth Minute" It all started on a Thursday, Thirty-nine weeks ago. That's the day the w