WE BOUGHT 213 BOTTLES OF WATER [1/6/10] - 259

Posted by LaneVids on Jan. 07, 2010

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Blog: http://www.LaneVids.com (GO THERE!)Main YouTube: http://YouTube.com/LaneVid (SUBSCRIBE!!)Vlog YouTube: http://YouTube.com/L4anyrat (SUBSCRIBE!!)LIVE SHOW: http://LaneVids.com/Live (THURS. 8pm CT!!)Twitter: http://twitter.com/Lanevids (FOLLOW ME!)DailyBooth: http://DailyBooth.com/LaneVids (FOLLOW ME!)My brother, for some reason decided to buy 13 pallets of Bottled Water. It was also really cold today, so I ran around the house and did some jumping jacks. That night, we saw a racoon in our backyard. My wife also bought for me a Lemon Tart! It was yummy! Distributed by Tubemogul.

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