Wayne Gardner - Arizona Estate Planning Lawyer

Posted by GundersonDenton on Jun. 18, 2013

I've helped hundreds of individuals and families plan for their future. Perhaps you have questions such as, "When I pass on how can I make sure my spouse is properly taken care of when I'm not here?" Or perhaps you have a child who is unable to take care of all of their personal affairs without the assistance from someone. Or perhaps you want to know how you can avoid probate and the unnecessary cost and delays that come with probate. Perhaps you want to know how you can minimize or even avoid the state taxes. Or if you are ready to help your family and start divesting some of your assets, do you know how to maintain the maximum amount of control? Or if you want to start divesting yourself of some of your assets and give to your loved ones. I can help you know how to give each year without adversely impacting your taxes. I can help you plan your future. Do not leave your loved ones with questions and your problems. Let me help you prepare for your future on how to take care of your loved ones. I'm Wayne Gardner. Give me a call. I'll give you a free consultation. Thank you. Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C. 1930 N. Arboleda, Suite 201 Mesa, Arizona 85213 Office: 480-655-7440 Fax: 480-655-7099

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