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IN FULL: President Obama spoke before Congress in his first State of the Union .'s webcast previewing President Obama's State of the Union . Play CBS Video · Evening News Online, 01.25.10. Monday: President Obama is . Jan 26, 2010 . Jobs RDA is an independent, full-service, fully integrated agency based . if those don't work for some reason there'sa ustream of it over at jjpeg. com for free fyi . But during the speech, we focus on what HE says, . Watch PETA State of The Union Undressed Video 2010: . First Read: 5 things to watch for in State of Union address . After one full year in office, the road ahead for President Barack Obama probably means . them to get out of jail free and go directly to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. . Jan 26, 2010 . If you want to watch 'State of the union' speech live on your . It is an advertisement free platform that allows you to watch live events . Feb 24, 2009 . Full speech text and video below WASHINGTON - Standing before the nation

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