Walmarts Write to Change the Classroom Program helps schools

Posted by newsinfusion on Aug. 26, 2009

More info at www.newsinfusion.comBENTONVILLE, Ark., August 25 -- After hearing about a letter from eighth-grader TySheoma Bethea to her congressman pleading for the basic school necessities she and her classmates needed, Walmart (NYSE: WMT) began to wonder: how many other pleas are going unheard? Inspired by the courageous effort of one 14-year-old girl, Walmart launched the Write to Change the Classroom program, asking teachers, parents and students to write about their school-supply needs. And they did. After receiving hundreds of heartfelt requests, the retailer is awarding $8,000 in school supplies to each of the 20 selected schools.With only two ink cartridges for our entire school, I ask that my classroom have enough for printing so that my students can learn in color.Basic needs at school are sometimes never met. I wish I had enough for all students to be set. Simple tools like crayons, paper and pens, so kids wouldnt have to be without or borrow from friends.These are just some of ...

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