Walmart truck driver fail

Posted by slicendice90 on May. 30, 2012

I was workin at walmart pushing carts with the cart machine when the driver tried to turn into the parking lot in the wrong lane and ended up hitting the cement barrier between the road and the sidewalk. The trailer got caught on the metal railing and stopped it cold. So the driver backs up and tries again and ends up hitting it again. Thats when i got my phone out/ It gets even better. When he went to leave walmart instead of going around the back of the store he decided to back up and when he reached the front of the store he jackknifed the truck trying to get out. The drivers passenger which i am guessing was a trainer is walking beside the truck yelling at the driver. He about took out like three cars trying to undo the jackknife. (For you people out there, just so you know, that this was recorded a day after i got the new phone i used. I didnt know that it would be sideways till it was to late. I also WAS NOT on the clock. I was on break and happened to be outside at the time. wwbigal, this is pointed to

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