Walmart Shopper Steals Purse From Women Passed Out

Posted by vadim21 on Aug. 12, 2012

Walmart shopper steals passed out ladys purse A woman passed out in the Roxboro, North Carolina Walmart and while she unconscious, somebody stole her purse! 76-year-old Queen Walters says she had a bad reaction to some medication which caused her to konk out in her wheelchair cart. Her purse was in the basket up front and while she was out cold someone walked up... and snatched it. I had just went and got $300 out to pay my bills, Walters tells. The whole thing was caught on camera... they even got a good shot of the guy walking out of the store! Police say they have some leads, but no arrest yet. What does Walters think of the guy who took advantage of her situation? Hes less than a man, she says.

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