Wallington Bog & Grog Sept 2010 Pre View of The Mud Bog

Posted by TheOutlawVideoSS on Sep. 13, 2010

Thanks to Wallington Fire Dept for Putting on this show now for like 27 years and Running ... The Fire dept has Good Response to the Truck Fires and what gos on there ... the Team of Fireman all work together to Put this Event on for us and the Barnyard Boggers, Friday4x4s Good Times4x4s and Other Mud Clubs around the Area bring there Trucks to make this show Happen for us all to Enjoy watching the Guys and Girls Tear up the Mud and Brake there Trucks .. Good Trucks, Good Food, and Good BEER!!!! all here ... Thanks for watching and will have more next year of this event ... Ida and Myself would Like to Thank all of the Fireman and Mud Clubs and Fans that Came out to watch this event ,, The Outlaw Patrick Crawford

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