Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Ad

Britains no.1 premium crisp brand, Walkers Sensations is launching a new ad from 3rd March to celebrate the re-launch of Sensations and its hero flavour Thai Sweet Chilli. The recent re-launch has seen an eye-catching new look for Walkers Sensations with a striking new premium black pack design, featuring a stylish and unique S logo. The new ad celebrates the new look and illustrates the remarkable taste journey that is experienced when eating Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli. Shot in Bangkok, Thailand, the ad explores flavour through performance and takes the viewer through each stage of their taste journey, from the spicy tingling of chilli and basil, to the mellow sweetness and culminating in a building heat. Combining traditional Thai performance with a modern twist, the ad features a beautiful Thai dancer, expert fire-breathers and amazing contortionists, and ends in a spectacular explosion of colour. The TV ad has been directed by renowned duo Who?. They commented: "Working on the new Sensations spot ha