Voorhees Chapter 2 [ Part 1 of 2]

Posted by MasterOfTheNight on Nov. 09, 2011

Jason Voorhees is back and a new group of people have set foot on his turf An epic sequel to our first video voorhees If you dont watch this video beginning to end at least watch the insanely huge fight scene in part 2, you wont be disappointed------------------------------------------------Music is the copyright of DragonForce and RoadRunner Records, we do not own any songs in this video- All DragonForce songs are Scars of Yesterday, Evening Star, Fury of The Storm, Dawn Over A New World Please Rate and Subscribe ---Link For Part 2--- http-//www.youtube.com/user/MastersOfTheNight#p/u/6/fEtJD8bzQzI

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Tags commercial, compilation, satire, zombies, outtakes, improv, smosh, conquer, friday the 13th, jason voorhees, best kills

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