Volumize Hair Without Teasing Feat. Velecta Paramount Profession

This is a tutorial on how to create volume to your hair using the Velecta Professional hair dryer. This is a top rated dryer used by many professionals to speed up the drying time without using extreme hot heat. This dryer also comes with a Free 09AK accessory kit which includes a 2 inch Barrel Extender, 2 Nozzles and 10 Replacement Filters. I friggin love this dryer because it is so time efficient and the airspeed is off the heeezy! LOL sorry, I dont know how else to describe it but its truly amazing!You can get yours at:http://www.flatironexperts.com/?Click...Use coupon code shop5 for 5% OFF and get:-Free shipping-FREE KQC travel size flat ironProducts Used:1,Chi Silk Infusion Tresemme Thermal Creations Volumizing Mousse2,Velecta Paramount Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer http://www.FlatIronExperts.com/Produc...3,KQC Thermal shine spray http://www.FlatIronExperts.com/Produc...4,KQC X-Heat tourmaline ceramic flat iron http://www.FlatIronExperts.com/Produc...my blo