Vivanno Rap by White Guy

Posted by The_Scoffman on Oct. 12, 2010

A white kid who works at Starbucks at the Herndon an Fowler in Clovis, CA raps about the new Vivanno drink and ask people to come to their store and buy them so they can get their Regional Manager to dress up in a Banana Suit for all of you to see! VIVANNO RAP LYRICS Now theres a new beverage in town called Vivanno. Thats right Im Vivanno. V-I-V-A, double N-O! Nutrious blends fo sho! You know! Im from the hood, spawned from your voice. A perfect blend of everything nice! Rockin whole fruit and 1 whole banana. I come in 2 flavas Orange Mango and the Banana Chocolate! Oh yea ladies you heard me, I said chocolate. Now get all yourselves down to the bucks. This aint no imitation, this is the real stuff. So drop the Jamba and pick up the Vivanno. A nutritious delight and not some indulging Razzmatazz fright. Pimpin less than 270 cals, with 15 No 16, and 21 grams of protein and less than 5 grams of fat! So if you happen to be the area of Clovis, California Hit up the Bucks at Herndon and Fowler And grab a V

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