Vital Information For Send Out Cards Success: Leadership Develop

ttp://www.TheCardTeacher.comSend Out Cards Success, the importance of Leadership.Leadership Development is one of the highest skill levels to obtain in our industry and the most underutilized.People spend thousands to learn how to Prospect & Close their way to millions in SendOutCards. And thats all well and good.But if they put as much focus or more, into becoming a great leader and obtaining the qualities people are looking for - they wouldnt need to close. Prospects would close themselves.I was thinking of some of the qualities that makes a greatleader in SendOutCards.1. Communication - Duh.2. People skills - Do you work well with others? Probably not as well as you think. Read "How to Win Friends & Influence People" monthly.3. Knowing personality types, how to define them, motivateand encourage them, and appeal to them4. Collaboration - a great leader says "Lets go do it!" not "You go do it!"5. Consistency - a bad leader doesnt stay the path. They change directions and messages often